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Unknown Territory, 2015

3 drawings.  Graphite, Copper, Phycocyanin, Japanese Tosa Washi paper, Salt Water, Electric Current


Recalling the Miller-Urey experiment (Miller, 1953) in which Stanley Miller and Harold Urey showed that it was possible to form complex chemical compounds through a combination of  base elements with electricity in an attempt to simulate the conditions that began life on earth, I began to play in my studio with base components and electricity, not attempting to create life but curious nonetheless about what would result from the process of combining elements from my body with raw elemental materials. Pigment from three materials, that have come to symbolise life, technology and the sublime in my practice, are combined with salt water to make three individual drawings that are folded together and placed in a salt-water bath, through which an electric current is passed for three hours.  The current enables the generation of three unique images that are left to dry in their folded state.  The images may be retained in their folded state, or unfolded and revealed on exhibition.

Combined Knowledge Unknown Territory further develops this work to introduce my interaction in the process directly in the work.

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