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I Cannot Control What I Create


I Cannot Control When I Create


I Cannot Control What I Create


I Cannot Control What I Create


  Cannot Control What I Create


sounds awesome, I am away 25-26 Mar, really gutted, but I’d love to catch up about after that


Cannot Always Eat What I Create


Cannot Control What I Create


I Cannot Control What I Create


I cannot control or create; Courage, Wisdom, Compassion, Peace, Patience, Strength, Trust, or Love


I C    C     W    I C


I Cannot Control What I Create @someone #viralexperiments I can control what I (h)ate though.  I can cannot create my control


I Cannot co trol what I create


I can co trol what I create


I Kant control why I create


I can’t control why I control






Evolution of the Text, 2015

Translation Poetry Twitter Text


"Synthetic biology is an emerging area of research that can broadly be described as the design and construction of novel artificial biological pathways, organisms or devices, or the redesign of existing natural biological systems."  Source: UK Royal Society 


At its heart, synthetic biology is the genetic manipulation of, or the synthetic creation of, living matter. #viralexperiments is part of an investigation into the unknown evolution of synthetic biology.  

Viral Text:


~@loumackenzie I Cannot Control What I Create @someone #viralexperiments 


Tweet this viral text to someone or everyone you know, change or copy it, your choice.


This viral text will replicate and mutate, if you allow it.  


You can:

  • copy it, replace @someone with someone you want to share with on twitter and tweet 

  • as above but make one tiny change and tweet

  • as above but make as many changes as you like and tweet


Click this button to share these instructions on twitter then go ahead and spread the viral experiment.




You can do this as many times as you like, to as many people as you like.  Spread it around, see how it changes by searching twitter with the hashtag #viralexperiments


The only rule is that you must retain the opening and closing sequences ~@loumackenzie and #viralexperiments so that the evolution of the viral text can be traced.


The text is an adaptation of physicist Richard Feynman's quote: "What I cannot create I do not understand" found written on his blackboard when he died.  The quote is oft cited as the mantra of synthetic biologists and was misquoted in the first text to be encoded within bacteria by genomic scientist and entrepreneur, Craig Venter as "What I cannot build, I cannot understand."


Each mutation and adaptation of the viral text will be gathered, recorded and published here as a single text




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