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about viral experiments

viral experiments is the research site of Louise Mackenzie examining the concepts of 'making with life' and 'life as subject' within synthetic biology.  Louise Mackenzie is currently undertaking a PhD in Fine Art at BALTIC39, Northumbria University as part of BxNU.


As a part of this body of research, events, residencies and research activities undertaken are documented as individual viral experiments within this site, including:

Viral Poetry the unknowable evolution of texts using virtual viral methodologies.

Microbial Sensing collaborative research with Northumbria University and the University of Durham into the sonification and audification of micro-organisms.


Curious Animals ongoing collaborative research project on evolution and synthetic biology with Institute of Genetic Medicine at Newcastle University.

Lab Life ongoing enquiry into working with life in the laboratory. Including Baltan Laboratories Untourage web series, artist's residency workshop and follow on activities, led by Abandon Normal Devices and Lancaster University 

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