Genophone is a conceptual multimedia artwork that enables the translation of thoughts into DNA, the subsequent evolution of that DNA and it’s translation back into an audible phrase. 


Genophone speculates on notions of DNA as language and the single cell as a fundamental element of our existence.  Using a process of translation, it converts patterns in speech to sequences of DNA that are held on a database, ready to be physically stored within a single living cell, allowing the possibility of holding our thoughts within bodies in a retrievable manner.


Genophone acts as an interface between our minds and single living cells.  Single celled microbes are waiting in the labboratoir for our thoughts.  A website is under development to support this interface and is on trial as part of the Genocentric exhibition at Summerhall, Edinburgh until May 12, 2017.  The Genophone also exists as a Twitter app, where potential messages to our future selves can be stored.  


Using Genophone, we can create messages to be stored within our DNA or within living organisms of the future. 


Author © Louise Mackenzie, software development Étienne de Crécy

Currently on trial as a website and via Twitter,

Genophone is ready to receive messages to our future selves.



Tweet using the hashtag #genophone to prepare a message for future DNA storage. 

What would you share with the cells of the future?


Listen @thegenophone on Twitter as messages are mutated through an evolution-modelling algorithm.


what will happen if I store this thought safe within you?