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Molecular Relations at National Glass Centre, Sunderland

I'm excited to announce that I will be running a workshop with students at the National Glass Centre where we will focus on recording sounds for laboratory micro-organisms (E. coli) held captive in glass vessels. Experimenting in ways of being with the molecular body, this workshop focuses our attention on the life of the laboratory microbe through attempts at developing a relation towards the living organism that is otherwise regarded as resource for scientific use. Vibrations are known to affect the body at the molecular level, in some cases causing the membrane of cell walls to temporarily break apart and in doing so, the body is susceptible to accepting alien DNA. In the workshop we will collect our own DNA and work to create experimental sound pieces that can be transmitted to laboratory organisms, in the hope of beginning a molecular conversation that crosses species boundaries.

The workshop will be followed by a talk as part of the artist's talk series, Creative Lives, with Nick Fox at Sunderland University.

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