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Day 1 of #micromashup

Conversations ranged from travelling communities to collaborative resistance, yet the subject was non-human. It was microbial life, which accounts for about 90% of the human body in genetic terms, so perhaps the connection between these subjects is more human than we realize.

Over the course of day 1 of #micromashup I felt a strong sense of belonging, to a varied group with shared interests, and yet also a keen sense of self and how I relate to the whole, much the same sensation that bacterial organisms have, I learn. All working within a larger organism, with shared goals but also individual ones. We each have our own function and purpose and came together within #micromashup through our shared interest in a ‘body’ that was able to act as host and nurture our needs.

#micromashup has reaffirmed my interest in scale and the parallels between human nature and the actions and agency of non-human life.

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