Copper Powder Fused with Glass

July 20, 2017

Jeff Sarmiento showed us some earlier experiments where copper powder had been fused between two sheets of glass.  The bubbles were an unintentional consequence of the process but they add a liveliness to the aesthetic of the materials. 

Image Credit: Justin Marshall


Justin Marshall tested whether the glass with fused copper powder was conductive by connecting to a Bare Conductive Touchboard, an electronic circuit board programmed to play sound in response to touching conductive material. Unfortunately, in this case the glass was not conductive. We speculated on a number of possible causes, such as the glass being too thick, not enough copper powder, oxidisation of the copper powder, or perhaps the bubbles that occurred during the process had created gaps in connectivity.  At any rate, a first try and many more to follow.

Image Credit: Tina Webb

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